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SCA’19 Papers and Posters published in SCA’19 Proceedings
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Papers #1: Deformables

Chair: Rahul Narain

  • Fast Simulation of Deformable Characters with Articulated Skeletons in Projective Dynamics. Jing Li, Tiantian Liu and Ladislav Kavan.
  • VIPER: Volume Invariant Position-based Elastic Rods. Baptiste Angles, Daniel Rebain, Miles Macklin, Brian Wyvill, Loic Barthe, John Lewis, Javier von der Pahlen, Shahram Izadi, Julien Valentin, Sofien Bouaziz and Andrea Tagliasacchi.
  • A Unified Simplicial Model for Mixed-Dimensional and Non-Manifold Deformable Elastic Objects. Jumyung Chang, Fang Da, Eitan Grinspun and Christopher Batty.
  • Small Steps in Physics Simulation. Miles Macklin, Kier Storey, Michelle Lu, Pierre Terdiman, Nuttapong Chentanez, Stefan Jeschke and Matthias Müller

Papers #2: Learning & (Mostly) Faces

Chair: Sophie Jörg

  • A Deep Learning-Based Model for Head and Eye Motion Generation in Three-party Conversations. Aobo Jin, Qixin Deng, Yuting Zhang and Zhigang Deng.
  • Building Accurate Physics-based Face Models from Data. Petr Kadleček and Ladislav Kavan.
  • User-guided Facial Animation through an Evolutionary Interface (CGF). K. Reed, Darren Cosker.
  • Efficient Neural Networks for Real-time Motion Style Transfer. Harrison Jesse Smith, Chen Cao, Michael Neff and Yingying Wang.

Papers #3: Fluids

Chair: Chenfanfu Jiang

  • A Robust Volume Conserving Method for Character-Water Interaction. Minjae Lee, David Hyde, Kevin Li and Ronald Fedkiw.
  • An Efficient Geometric Multigrid Solver for Viscous Liquids. Mridul Aanjaneya, Chengguizi Han, Ryan Goldade and Christopher Batty.
  • A Second-Order Advection-Reflection Solver. Rahul Narain, Jonas Zehnder and Bernhard Thomaszewski.
  • Fluid Simulation with Adaptive Staggered Power Particles on GPUs (TVCG).  Xiao Zhai, Fei Hou, Hong Qin and Aimin Hao.

Papers #4: Characters in Motion

Chair: Steve Tonneau

  • Coordinating Multi-Agent Navigation by Learning Communication. Dalton Hildreth and Stephen J. Guy.
  • GPU-Based Contact-Aware Trajectory Optimization Using A Smooth Force Model. Zherong Pan, Bo Ren and Dinesh Manocha.
  • Door and Doorway Etiquette for Virtual Humans (TVCG). Wenjia Huang and Demetri Terzopoulos.
  • Skiing Simulation Based on Skill-Guided Motion Planning (CGF). Chen-Hui Hu, Chien-Ying Lee, Yen-Ting Liou, Feng-Yu Sung and Wen-Chieh Lin.

Papers #5: Contact, Collision, & Cracking

Chair: Mridul Aanjaneya

  • Multi-Resolution Modeling of Shapes in Contact. Yijing Li and Jernej Barbic.
  • A Hybrid Material Point Method for Frictional Contact with Diverse Materials. Xuchen Han, Theodore Gast, Qi Guo, Stephanie Wang, Chenfanfu Jiang and Joseph M. Teran.
  • Simulation and Visualization of Ductile Fracture with the Material Point Method. Stephanie Wang, Mengyuan Ding, Theodore F. Gast, Leyi Zhu, Steven Gagniere, Chenfanfu Jiang and Joseph M. Teran.
  • Flexible Use of Temporal and Spatial Reasoning for Fast and Scalable CPU Broad Phase Collision Detection using KD-Trees (CGF). Ygor Rebouças Serpa, Maria Andréia Formico Rodrigues.

Papers #6: Learning & Simulation

Chair: Etienne Vouga

  • EigenFit for Consistent Elastodynamic Simulation Across Mesh Resolution. Yu Ju Chen, David Levin, Danny Kaufman, Uri Ascher and Dinesh Pai.
  • Subspace Neural Physics: Fast Data-Driven Interactive Simulation. Daniel Holden, Bang Chi Duong, Sayantan Datta and Derek Nowrouzezahrai.
  • A Multi-Pass GAN for Fluid Flow Super-Resolution. Maximilian Werhahn, You Xie, Mengyu Chu and Nils Thuerey.


Chair: Christopher Batty

  • Global Momentum Preservation for Position-based Dynamics. Alex Dahl and Adam Bargteil.
  • Simulated fatigue and wrinkle synthesis for clothing appearance design. Luis Bermudez, Steven Borisko, Ethan Mcaninch, Colton Smith, Olga Kuksenok and Victor Zordan.
  • Human Articular Movement Algorithm to Simulate Muscle Contraction and Embedded Tissue Deformation. Noritoshi Atsumi, Daichi Kato, Satoko Hirabayashi, Yuko Nakahira and Masami Iwamoto.
  • Transporting Real Objects into Virtual and Augmented Environments. Catherine Taylor, Murray Evans and Darren Cosker.


Chair: Tamar Shinar

  • Divergence-Free and Boundary-Respecting Velocity Interpolation Using Stream Functions. Jumyung Chang, Vinicius Azevedo and Christopher Batty.
  • Interaction motion retargeting to highly dissimilar furniture environment. Taeil Jin and Sung-Hee Lee.
  • Human Articular Movement Algorithm to Simulate Muscle Contraction and Embedded Tissue Deformation. Noritoshi Atsumi, Daichi Kato, Satoko Hirabayashi, Yuko Nakahira and Masami Iwamoto.
  • Online Motion Synthesis Framework using a Simple Mass Model based on Predictive Coding. Jaepyung Hwang, Shin Ishii and Shigeyuki Oba.